Mona Bentz. Esq. strongly believes in educating clients about the alternatives and consequences of life and estate planning, from simple wills, trusts, and powers of attorney to business succession planning and wealth transfer. We strive to make complex laws understandable and write legal documents in plain English so that our clients can ensure that the documents achieve their goals.

Estate planning is the safeguarding of an individual’s legacy. Ms. Bentz helps families in all stages of life planning to protect and pass their legacy to those they love. From drafting wills and trusts to providing a stable future for a loved one with special needs or planning for the transfer of your business, Ms. Bentz can answer your questions and walk you through the legal options. She can help you design the plan that is right for you and your family.

estate planning 520 wideEstate planning is more than distribution of assets.

Many people believe that they don’t need an estate plan because they don’t have an “estate.” What many don’t understand is that an estate plan is simply a set of directions to ensure that one’s belongings, as well as one’s values, wisdom, and life lessons, are passed on in the manner that the person wishes. The life circumstances of a family, even more so than the value of family assets, add to the complexity and importance of establishing an organized plan. In addition to potentially severe family discord, sometimes even a very small estate with very simple circumstances can have disastrous results if not carefully planned.

It is a good time to start or revisit your estate plans if:

• You have recently welcomed children or grandchildren.
• You have or are planning to get married, divorced or remarried.
• You want to provide for loved ones with special needs.
• You have a significant business interest in which you are involved with the day to day management.
• You want to have a say in how your assets are distributed after your death.
• You want to maximize and protect the value of your estate.
• You want to minimize transfer taxes incurred upon your death.
• You have received an inheritance.
• The death of a loved one is imminent.
• You want to change your designated helpers regarding your finances, health care, children or trust.

Lifetime Planning

It is important to note that estate planning also includes planning for lifetime incapacity. Whether through powers of attorney or a lifetime trust, planning ahead for a time when you will not be able to take care of your affairs (whether temporarily or for the long-term) will help protect you and your family from predators as well as preserve your financial stability. In addition, it can help to smooth the way for yourself and your loved ones during a challenging time in life.

Assembling Your Team

Estate planning is most effective when approached as a comprehensive process. The Bentz Law Firm, P.A. enjoys working closely with accountants, financial professionals, insurance agents and brokers, and other professionals to coordinate planning for your retirement, insurance, and tax preparation with your estate plan. This level of comprehensive detail ensures that the vision you have created will have the desired outcome. Call 954-839-8366 to schedule a meeting with Ms. Bentz.

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