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Pre-Purchase Considerations Mona Bentz, Esq. addresses:

Many laws impact the world of aviation, yet they do not all conform. Sometimes complying with one law results in violating another. Like putting together a puzzle, each piece must fit to reveal the final picture. Therefore, careful planning is required to find the point at which the laws converge in a way that will serve the client's needs.

1. Ownership Options
Options available for sharing aircraft use and operational cost between corporate families and unrelated parties.

2. US Aircraft Registration Issues and Requirements - How to Obtain US Citizenship for Aircraft Registration in US
• Imports
• US Citizenship and use of Noncitizen Aircraft Trusts or Voting Trusts

3. Operational Control
Options for structuring the flight department and who will have operational control.

4. Standard Operating Procedures
Making sure the required books, manuals, and contracts are in place for a clean operation.

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