the life of ownershipMona Bentz, Esq.  participates in all aspects of aviation law, including:

  • Pre-purchase considerations
  • Aircraft purchase agreements
  • Trust agreements
  • Aircraft operating agreements, lease agreements and management services agreements
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Coordinating the legal documents of the company with the operations, safety and/or maintenance manuals of the aircraft
  • Counsel regarding maintenance program contracts and maintenance service agreements and work orders
  • Legal discourse with the FAA in the proper interpretation of aviation laws in theory and in practice

Involvement with an aircraft purchase or sale might include structuring and tax considerations, participation in some aspects of the pre-buy inspections (review of log books and records) and/or due diligence (legal document review), particularly in preparing the Letter of Intent and Aircraft Purchase Agreement.  When non-citizens are purchasing the aircraft, Ms. Bentz typically prepares the applicable documents to ensure U.S. citizenship requirements are met, along with appropriate operational agreements.  Ms. Bentz handles registrations, special registrations and requests for new or updated airworthiness certificate.  When the purchase involves aircraft not registered in the U.S., Ms. Bentz coordinates the importation of the aircraft as part of the purchase and registration.

We often work in assisting trust and non-trust clients with legal issues regarding domestic and international operations, certifications (for part 91, 121, 129 and 135 operators), and the maintenance of the aircraft.  We strive to improve the integrity of the aviation industry through close coordination of the legal and practical aspects of aviation, from operations, FAA compliance and maintenance to safety, pilot training, and consulting.

Bentz Law Firm clients include airlines, charter operations, private management companies, foreign operators, pilots and individual aircraft owners.

Ms. Bentz would enjoy the opportunity to discuss her practice with you, learn about your business, and explore with you how she can bring value to your company. Call 954-839-8366 to schedule a meeting.


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